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Why seek counselling

Having the space to talk to a trained, impartial professional may be the best investment you make in yourself. Here you will find some of the reasons that someone might seek therapy. 

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Can counselling help depression?

With depression being one of the most common mental health conditions, it’s worth knowing how counselling could help. 

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What is psychodynamic counselling

There are lots of different therapies out there – find out more about the Psychodynamic approach.


Psychodynamic counselling in Watford

At Lotus Rose Therapy, I offer private Psychodynamic counselling to adults in a safe and confidential setting in North Watford. If you are overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, panic or feel stuck with life, then counselling may help you to move forward.

I offer in person or Zoom sessions. Therapy will take place weekly at the same time and place and will last 50 minutes. The first session is a little longer (90 mins). You are welcome to contact me for a free telephone conversation to discuss what you would like to achieve from therapy. I have experience of working within health and fitness, wellbeing and the NHS.

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Difference between counselling and therapy

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    What clients have said

    "I was apprehensive about counselling to start with and it was difficult at the beginning because it felt weird not really knowing anything about Deborah. Once I had got used to it though, I started to really look forward to my weekly sessions. I think I realised that it was the first time in my life I had ever truly been listened to. I learnt that I spent far too much time worrying about everyone else and not taking care of myself. Thanks so much for helping me to take better care of myself."

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    "Counselling has made me realise so many things for the better. I feel that I am able to think more logically and be open about how I feel rather than hide away and not think I matter. I feel that I am more confident in myself and this has made me realise that I do matter and my opinion deserves to be heard too. Thank you for speaking with me every week, it has really helped."

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    "I had such a great experience with counselling and this counsellor in particular. I have tried different counselling services and types of therapy before but this time I really felt I had the time and space to fully explore what I needed to. After this experience, I would recommend counselling to anyone considering it."

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