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Why seek counselling

Why seek counselling

Deciding to seek therapy can be a big step and perhaps a decision you have been pondering over for a while. The truth is, only you know if now is the right time. Below are some of the reasons one might seek therapy:

  • You find yourself ruminating on past events
  • Your appetite has changed and caused weight loss/gain
  • You find it hard to talk to those closest to you despite wishing you could
  • Your feelings of emptiness and grief are consuming you
  • You feel anxious and/or low in mood much of the time
  • You feel angry and stressed
  • You feel like a bad parent /wife/husband/friend/daughter/son
  • You are at a stage where you know something has to change

Just having the space to talk to someone impartial and trained can be a huge help when things are difficult.

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About psychodynamic counselling

The aim of Psychodynamic therapy is for you to identify and recognise your ways of relating to others and yourself.

We don’t work through specific goals as such and there is no homework like there may be in other modalities of therapy.

The theories that we study as Psychodynamic therapists are based largely on classic Psychoanalysis. The aim is to help you understand how your current feelings and behaviour are shaped by your past experiences and relationships.

The connection with your therapist is key in this type of therapy and you will need to feel safe and accepted in a way that encourages you to talk openly about topics like your childhood and your relationship with your parents.

It’s also worth noting that Psychodynamic therapy buys into the concept of the ‘unconscious mind’. This means that there may be painful events that you are not aware of keeping you stuck. By bringing these into the ‘conscious mind’, we can work together to unravel the knots and move forward.

About psychodynamic counselling

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