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Initial consultation

The initial consultation or first session is an opportunity for you to tell me about what has brought you to therapy. The timing around when you have decided to reach out is often significant and that could be a good place to start when we meet. The first session is also the time for you to ask me any questions about therapy and the way that I work.

It is important that you feel safe and at ease with your therapist; it could be thought of as ‘a good fit’ and this first session will allow you to experience what it’s like to be in the therapy room with me and whether you would feel comfortable with me being your counsellor. We will also discuss administration and logistics such as fees, availability, cancellations and confidentiality.

You may be wondering how long a person spends in therapy but there is no clear-cut answer. I work within an open-ended and a time limited structure and this is something that we can think about together in your first session.

It’s important to highlight that nothing has to be set in stone and if things change, we will think together about any alterations that may be needed.

The initial consultation is 90 minutes as I will need to gather quite a bit of information from you and it’s important that this is done as thoroughly as possible. All subsequent sessions will be 50 minutes.

Weekly sessions

I am a Psychodynamic therapist which in simple terms means you and I will explore your past together to see if it’s possible that deep-rooted issues are causing you to feel stuck with life now.

Our past experiences can have a profound effect on how we function today and it is helpful to acknowledge and untangle these experiences which in turn can allow us to feel clearer and free to live life as we want to. You may be feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and having a safe and consistent space to support you with this is my aim as a therapist. It may feel daunting to even think about unpacking your past but the pace of your counselling is very much guided by you as the client.

It’s best practise to come to therapy on a weekly basis but some clients may come fortnightly. This is something that can be agreed on an individual basis and will be discussed in your initial consultation.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and will take place at the same day and time each week.

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"I was apprehensive about counselling to start with and it was difficult at the beginning because it felt weird not really knowing anything about Deborah. Once I had got used to it though, I started to really look forward to my weekly sessions. I think I realised that it was the first time in my life I had ever truly been listened to. I learnt that I spent far too much time worrying about everyone else and not taking care of myself. Thanks so much for helping me to take better care of myself."

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"Counselling has made me realise so many things for the better. I feel that I am able to think more logically and be open about how I feel rather than hide away and not think I matter. I feel that I am more confident in myself and this has made me realise that I do matter and my opinion deserves to be heard too. Thank you for speaking with me every week, it has really helped."

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"I had such a great experience with counselling and this counsellor in particular. I have tried different counselling services and types of therapy before but this time I really felt I had the time and space to fully explore what I needed to. After this experience, I would recommend counselling to anyone considering it."